Evel Knievel

e28267f0bc1b60bcae42e1ee94309f08“Born in in the copper mining town of Butte, Montana October 17,1938, Robert Craig Knievel was raised by his grandparents. At the age of eight he saw Joey Chitwood’s Auto DaredEVEL Show which he credits for his later career choice to become a motorcycle daredEVEL.”

KROWN asked EVEL KNIEVEL, what he thought about today’s government and the presidential race.

EK: It’s between two EVIL’s, Bush is like a schoolyard bully and Kerry is just plain weak. Bush, all he has done is, irritated a boil, like an anthill. That’s the people that believe in a god, that they believe we’ll be sent to heaven if they kill an American. All he’s done is irritated the boil, and he better do something about it or this country, if you think 9/11 was something, you wait until these bastards get a hold of a nuclear weapon. So the best and only way to show them, United States CAN’T put up with it, and you know what it calls for, “THE BOMBING” of the cities of Iraq, the cities of Iran, and the cities of Saudi Arabia where the terrorists are abundant. So we better hope Harry Truman comes back reincarnated, because if he doesn’t we’re in a lot of trouble….cause this president is just a schoolyard bully, and that’s all there is to it. And a vote for Kerry, in my opinion is a vote for weakness, I don’t like Kerry; he’s a Vietnam chicken shit. Our soldiers now are getting dis-honorably discharged, for making these prisoners strip down and taking photographs of them. Big goddamn deal, did we decapitate them, and before we decapitated them, we take photos of them? FUCK THESE IRAQUE PEOPLE, they’re a bunch of assholes, and that’s the way it is! So we don’t have a president, right now that can do the job right now, and I don’t think Bush is capable; he’s just a goddamn schoolyard bully. If he’s not, let himself prove otherwise, because this fucking guy has started something he can’t finish.ralph-crane-daredEVEL-motorcyclist-EVEL-knievel-in-mid-jump-over-a-row-of-cars_i-G-27-2758-KB4TD00Z-1


And I’ll tell you what, people call Evel Knievel a HERO, I’m no fucking HERO, I’m a motorcycle dared EVEL. I might be a legend, but our hero’s are in Iraq, our hero’s are in Vietnam, and our hero’s are in Korea. Our hero’s fought the Japs. our hero’s are Astronauts; I’m not an American hero. I wouldn’t insult an American hero, I know what a hero is. And thank Christ, cause of the thousands from Vietnam and the one’s in Iraq that are over there. I want to tell you something, this goddamn George Bush son of a bitch, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and no more deserves to be president in this country than I DO. I GUARENTEE


I’ll make some goddamn decisions to straighten this country out.

KM: Is it true your walking stick is filled up with bourbon?

EK: Yes

KM: Some people said that you weren’t scared before a jump?

EK: That’s bullshit, I was scared

KM: Is it true, to calm yourself down before a jump, you would have a shot of Wild Turkey?


Krown’s favorite quote written about you:

There were a couple of woman I should have screwed that I didn’t, there were a couple of ramps I wish I had hit a bit faster. But apart from that, I have had a good life.

EK: Incidentally, I’ve seen those women, damn they got a little older and a little fatter.