Published on June st, 2012

Swimwear designer Paul Lucido founded the innovative Orange County company TeaseUm Bikini in 2004. Since then, it has grown to encompass a full range of sexy swimwear and leisure clothing designs for women, and a much anticipated annual calendar featuring traffic-stopping bikini-clad lovelies, plus a list of the country’s hottest models that today numbers over 4000 — which has to make TeaseUm the bikini-model moguls of the new millennium. With a roster of over 45 staff photographers shooting in locations both exotic and local, TeaseUm has positioned itself as one of the most strategically marketed active-wear companies in the U.S., with its products—and models appearing in numerous magazines, videos, and promotional events at upscale locations such as the Playboy Mansion. “My wife and I used to travel to Jamaica on vacation every year,” said Lucido recently, prying a few minutes out of his ridiculously hectic schedule to give KROWN the lowdown on how TeaseUm Bikini began.

“We were hooked; we loved it there. But every year I had to buy her a new bikini to wear for every day we were in Jamaica. She wouldn’t wear the same bikini twice, because somebody from the prior year would have a picture of her wearing it. If we went for ten days, I had to buy her ten different sexy bikinis, and they weren’t cheap! The suits she liked were only available online, and we always had issues with the retailers getting them to us in time for our trips. “So while planning an upcoming trip for the following year, I decided I would make or own suits and actually start a bikini company. I thought, how hard could it be? We went to Jamaica and I had my wife wearing one of the bikinis we designed and made.