Photos Courtesy of Derek Plank


Well look who’s back, its Steve, Ernie, Mike, Chuck and Tony! It’s been
about two years since they took a break from SPRUNG MONKEY.
KROWN is sponsoring their Sweet Home San Diego reunion shows this
September at a club near you. So we were wondering if this little reunion
was a one-time thing, or if they are planning to get back together and spring
the monkey again. Exciting news is that we will see a new SPRUNG
MONKEY album in 2006, but these guys all have their own projects that
they have been doing for the past couple years. Steve has been writing and
performing on his new solo project with his brother Mike. For Mike, he had
an exciting past couple months when he was asked to go out on the road
with UNWRITTEN LAW. He stepped in as their guitarist while Steve
Morris (UL guitarist) stayed home with his wife to have a baby. Mike said,
“My first practice and first time with the band was on stage. We had a few
people watching since we were opening for 311 and PAPA ROACH, each
show was packed like 15,000-20,000 kids”. Chuck put together the metal
band MEDIA LAB, which will be releasing their latest album this October.
Ernie and Tony started playing with Marcos Curiel, former guitarist of POD
in the band called ACCIDENT EXPERIEMENT. AE will be hitting the road
this October to support their latest release. So we will all have to wait and
see what cards get dealt to SM, as Steve calls it. But San Diego should be
stoked that there will be at least one more SPRUNG MONKEY album due
out early 2006.

I really think the cards that get dealt to all of them this time
will be the ones that they have been waiting for. As a friend and a fan of
SPRUNG MONKEY, I personally think they are one of the best bands ever
to come out of San Diego! They have won the best rock band in San Diego
six times, and another award for best rock album in ‘98. With seven San
Diego Music Awards under their belts, no one even comes close. KROWN
MAGAZINE would like to go out on a limb and make a prediction for 2006.
If and when SPRUNG MONKEY releases this new album, we hope to see
another goddamn SD Music Award!! So why go out on a limb? Well, my
reason is I’ve heard a lot of the new stuff, and it’s that good…..I can’t wait
for it to come out and kick some people in the teeth!

Jimi Twigs